Welcome to Wai's Cooking!
My name is Elaine Dickinson which sounds very British, but I'm actually Malaysian Chinese. I was given the name Elaine as a child, but have the name Dickinson because my husband is British. However, my Chinese name is Yin Wai Chang, and I think Wai's Cooking makes a great name to use in The Kitchen because if said quickly, it can sound like 'What's Cooking' and of course, it sounds like 'Wise Cooking', too!
I'm the mother of two teenage boys who, like me, have come to enjoy good food. In fact, it was my yearning for good authentic Malaysian food, when I left home to work in Singapore, that led me to experiment and begin cooking for myself. This is where it all began, but today, many years later, I'm living in the UK and my love of food has extended to all cuisines. I'm also a dedicated collector of good cook books and my chill out time is spent watching popular chefs travelling around the world cooking exotic foods.
You're going to find an ever increasing selection of international recipes to try in Wai's Cooking, but if you have questions or love cooking, too, and have devised recipes of your own that that you'd be happy to share with others, do send them to me at admin@thelittlechurchworld.org. I'll reply to all emails and of course, give credit to you for your recipes.
Happy cooking!

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