Is physical fitness advice contradictory or complementary?

Training advice can certainly be confusing. You can read articles in fitness magazines, look at hundreds of exercise training books and watch hour upon hour of video material on the Internet promising you ways to have the beach body you have always dreamed of achieving! However, a lot of these articles, books and videos appear to contradict one other, so how can they all be true? As this video highlights, there are similar contradictions in the bible. What are your thoughts with regard to what Jim has said about the contradictions in the bible? Are they true contradictions or are they both true but different, and can the same be said for the fitness industry?


  1. Simon Pearce says:

    Thanks for your comment, I think you mention a very valid point. I agree that some of the contradictions in the fitness industry are motivated to sell a magazine, routine or product and that within the Bible the contradictions mostly occur due to the being records of accounts from two different people and, therefore, them having slightly different accounts, leading to some contradictions, does not mean that they are untrue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The big difference in my view is the reason for the apparent contradictions. The apparent contradictions in the Bible which are not contradictions in reality just demonstrate that the Bible is authentic. Contradictions in the fitness industry are often motivated by a desire to sell a magazine, a new routine or a supplement.

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