‘They Were Fascinated About Jesus’: Chinese Christian Hits the Road to Offer New Hope in the New Year

Big cities and historical towns in China have always been popular destinations for Chinese travelers, especially during holidays. Recently, one Chinese Christian tourist made a different sort of two-week trip around the nation, not just for sightseeing, but to bring a special message to the locals.

As the Chinese people celebrate their New Year this week, they expect a year of blessings. It’s the “year of the dog.” According to their belief, dogs bring them good luck.

An excited Chinese tourist in the northern city of Harbin explained why the Chinese New Year celebration is so important to him.

“It’s amazing to celebrate the New Year in the land of snow and ice.  Although it’s so cold here, but it’s hot in our hearts. I’m very happy to celebrate it with so many friends. I am proud of being Chinese,” he said.

Meng Jing Hui is happy for another reason altogether. He’s very excited about seeing his family and friends after traveling to 10 cities in China on his motorcycle. Besides discovering the hidden beauty, he was also on a mission from God.

This Christian musician was reading the Bible and praying one day and felt the Lord was telling him to leave his comfort zone, get on a motor bike and travel across China to share the gospel.

“It’s the new year and people need to hear the message of real hope,” said Jing Hui.

He packed a few personal belongings and hit the road.

Starting from Beijing, as God led him on his journey, Jing Hui visited cities like He Bei, Chong Qing, Kun Ming, Xi an, Shan Xi, Yu Nan, and many small villages. He was able to reach 10 cities within two weeks.

The only transportation was his motorcycle. He believes he was guided by God.

“Before the trip, I have heard many missionaries traveled to various spots in China for doing God’s work. I could never imagine doing that myself. Along the journey, I sang worship songs with the locals, told them stories, people just came up to me and hugged me. They were fascinated about Jesus and Biblical stories,” he said.

Touched by Jing Hui’s passion and love, local residents joined in musically to show appreciation to their new friend.

After returning to Beijing, people were eager to hear his stories and experiences, so he shared how God used his talents during the two-week journey.

Jing Hui performed from one place to another and always prayed first, asking God the question: “Jesus, what do you want me to tell the locals?” God always gave him the answers as soon as he started to sing.

“I am not the star, I am just a tool for Him to be known and glorified,” Jing Hui shared.

It’s hard to know for sure, but Meng Jing Hui may be the first Christian motorcyclist to travel throughout China, spreading the gospel. Soon, he is planning to bring the good news to more cities.

“This won’t be the last trip for me. I have more ideas in my mind. I will just keep on praying and waiting for the Lord to give me the names of next 10, or maybe 20 places… China is pretty big, right?”


From Mengfei Li

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