God Blocked It

God Blocked It



Oftentimes I burn an oil lamp with sweet aromatic fragrances and have on several occasions left the oil lamp burning while I went to work. WELL??!! the other day I was in the bathroom and my mind thought “Go get your coffee before it gets cold.” Walked in the kitchen and the oil lamp was ON FIRE!! #GREATGODOFMERCY!! I tried to blow it out, but the fire raged higher. I grabbed that oil burner and threw it in the sink and cut the water on it, and the fire went out. Then I thought to myself “OH GOD!! I was at home when it caught fire.” Folks, you should have seen me PRAISING the LIVING GOD!! I was STOMPING my FEET and CLAPPING my HANDS ferociously “THANK YOU LORD!!” with tears in my eyes. Time after time after time GOD has authenticated HIS PRESENCE in my LIFE!! Whew!! #MIGHTY #GOOD #GOD!!

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