How is the Corona virus influencing your faith or how is your faith influencing your response to the virus?

Hello and welcome to God’s Gym.  This week I want to reflect upon Jim’s short message about world health crises. I am sure we’re all aware of the Corona virus spreading across the world, resulting in some people taking steps, such as buying face masks, to try and protect themselves even when there are no reported cases of the virus where they live.
My reflections made me really think about what it is that people are afraid of and one of my conclusions is that people are concerned about their lack of control. We have very little control when it comes to stopping the virus entering the places we live and coming into contact with it, and I believe that actions such as buying face masks etc, simply reflect our attempts to gain a small amount of control of the situation. In reality, none of us have any control over the future. Yes, we can take steps to protect ourselves, and I fully believe that, where possible, we should take action to ensure we stay medically healthy (after all I worked as a healthcare professional for 11 years before going into ministry); however, we should not become paralysed by fear over things which we have such little control over. Instead, we need to place our trust in God, who, as Jim mentioned in his message, tells us that we should not let our hearts be troubled and instead, believe in Him.
I would be really interested in hearing your opinions and reflections upon the current world health crisis and how the Corona virus is currently influencing your faith in Christ or how your faith in Christ influences your response to the virus. Please feel free to reply to this message and open up a debate among us all.

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