Can we ever have the credibility to criticise others?

Hello and welcome to another Spiritual WOW. In Jim’s message this week he talks about ‘walking the talk’ and says that the perfect example of leadership is Jesus. When I listened to his message it reminded me of a common occurrence in the world of sport……and that is the armchair manager. I am sure you will have heard of them. You may even have been one yourself on a number of occasions. The characteristic of an armchair manager is that they believe they know all the answers that will result in their favourite team/sports person performing better and, ultimately, winning more! Despite the fact that the teams and individuals are managed and coached by highly qualified and experienced professionals, in the role of an armchair manager, we believe that we could do better and have the missing answers as to why they’re not performing as we believe they should. The reality though is that we do not have the answers because we do not have the knowledge or experience needed.
The same could be said with the way live our Christian lives. It is very easy to criticise others for not behaving and living as we believe a Christian should, however, are we just being armchair critics? Are we actually ‘walking the talk’ ourselves? Can we honestly say that we have enough knowledge of the Bible and know Jesus well enough to give us the credibility to criticise others? And if not, how do we work towards ‘walking the talk’ in our own Christian lives and ensuring that we are constantly striving to increase our knowledge of the Bible and exploring who Jesus is?

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