You Too Can Walk on Water

You Too Can Walk on Water

Wow! That’s a bold claim, but is it actually true?

Well, Jesus, walked on water didn’t He?
Of course, you might now be thinking, but he walked as the Son of God. This is true, so as impressive as His walk may have been, it’s not something that we mere mortals can aspire to, or is it?

Peter walked on water and he was a mere mortal, but of course, you may now be thinking that he was one of the chosen ones, a disciple, and Jesus did tell to him step out of the boat. So, what about you and me – could we really walk on water?

Well, let me tell you about the special day in my life when I realised I could walk on water. To do so, I need to take you back with me to a midweek morning bible study in Hong Kong around the year 2000. The study was being held in a beautiful villa overlooking the sea, which could be seen in all its glory through the villa’s panoramic windows. It was a stunning sight; the sea glistened and sparkled in the bright sunshine, but then, all at once, without warning it happened. The amazing truth hit me almost like a thunderbolt, such was its impact. Suddenly, in one single moment, I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the Lord wanted me to do so, I would be able to walk on that beautiful sea right across to the island I could see in the distance.

The power of that revelation and the firm knowledge and belief that I could walk on water has stayed with me ever since, and I’ve never doubted the truth of it for a single minute. In fact, I rather enjoy reflecting upon it and reliving that amazing moment because it’s almost as if I can still taste its deliciousness, such was the impression it made upon me at the time. Now, you may be wondering if God ever did call me to walk on water, and I have to say, not yet, but does that make my claim that you too can walk on water any less valid? I don’t believe it does for two very good reasons.

First, because I cannot deny my own experience, the revelation of God that day was as real and as powerful an experience as any I’ve ever had, and second, because God’s Word says so! The miracles of Jesus are featured throughout the Gospels and He is clearly recorded as saying: “Truly I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these because I am going to the Father” John 14:12 (CSV)

Now, if anyone were to see me walking on water, they might think me to be very special, but would it actually make me special? No, definitely not! Whatever miraculous thing a Christian experiences or does, it is never the result of personal power, but rather of God’s Holy Spirit within working through them for His perfect purpose of ultimately blessing mankind.

Am I special? Yes, definitely, but no more special than anyone else who has accepted the gift of salvation that Jesus Christ came to bring and is, therefore, reconciled to God. If you’ve already received this gift, but haven’t yet experienced any extraordinary moments in His presence, don’t be down-hearted, they will come. Just be sure to be real and if you’re not doing so already, share your innermost, heartfelt feelings with Him, and be expectant of sharing a most special and unique relationship. In fact, as you grow ever closer, you will find it full of wonderful experiences with never ending blessings, but be vigilant for His blessings don’t always come in ways that we expect – sometimes they come through tough times, too!

If you haven’t yet accepted Christ’s invitation to become a child of God, then let me say: What are you waiting for? The best is yet to come! You too can walk on water!

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Published by TLC World, 23rd March 2018,
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